We haven't just been
around the block.
We built the block.

T.H. Marsh Construction Company was founded in 1954 by father and son team, Alfred and Ted H. Marsh. The Federal Aid Highway Act of 1956 authorized the construction of the largest public works project in American history, during that period of time, the company established its roots constructing gas stations along the Interstate Highway System and throughout Michigan.

Over 66 years and four generations, T.H. Marsh has expanded capabilities and grown its client base, building on the groundwork of our founders, vigilantly protecting its reputation and relationships. Principal, Ryan Marsh, is continuing the legacy of Alfred Marsh, Ted Marsh and father, Barry Marsh.

By focusing on the client satisfaction every step of the way and offering high-level construction professionals, their leadership has quickly transformed the company into Marsh Construction of today, an award-winning, “go-to” firm for health/continuing care, retail, multi-family, non-profit and education markets.

“Our clients have known us for decades and have confidence that we'll be here to support them for the long haul. We treat clients how we would want to be treated — professionally, with courtesy and respect — and they reward us with the most meaningful sign of their appreciation: Repeat business.”
Ryan S. Marsh, Principal