Marsh has gone International! Destination: Saudi Arabia
Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Marsh has been harboring some exciting news, we have taken our talents and expertise to Saudi Arabia! We have been tapped to provide Project Management Coordination Services for the initial stages of a larger project called The Red Sea Development. The Red Sea Project, situated on the coastline of the KSA, will be a luxury destination to drive tourism to the region. It will span over 90 islands and many miles of desert with an expected completion by 2030.

Now, let's rewind to our part - a small, but important, cog in the wheel that is this project. Before the luxury resort hotels and entertainment centers, comes the living accommodations for the workers who will be building this new development. That's where we come in! We've partnered with a KSA based general contractor, Almajal Alarabi, to build this housing. Take a look these photos to see what our International team is up to on site!

Photos of The Red Sea Development

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